The Isabel Marant for H&M Collection is almost here!

Ever since I got my hands on some pieces from the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection, I’ve been breathlessly awaiting for this one to hit stores. Judging by my experience with the Phillip Lim collection, it’s pretty safe to say that this collaboration will sell out pretty fast. People camped out at my local Targets to get their paws on some Phillip and the online situation wasn’t any better. I for one plan on being better prepared this time around and I even made a list of the items I desperately want.

My Wishlist

1. The Staples:

This collection has some really great basic pieces that would provide the perfect backdrop for layering and accessories.


2. The Rocker Chic:

Who doesn’t want to channel their inner rock star? With these items, you most certainly can!


3. The Sparklers:

These next ones are perfect for the holidays or for whenever you need a pick-me-up. Side-note, the gilded scarf and tank top remind me of my favorite Gustav Klimt painting “The Kiss”.


4. The Highlights:

And last but certainly not least, these two items are, in my humble opinion, the highlights of the entire collection. The embellished jacket and the boyfriend coat may be very different from one another but both are signature Marant.


The collection will be available on November 14th!


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