Macaron Madness: Butter Avenue


I think it’s pretty safe to say I have a sweet tooth. My cupcake post was very well received so today I wanted to focus on another confectionery craze of mine: the macaron. Ever since I visited Paris, I fell in love with la culture française. I also grew up in Montreal so the francophone culture is part of my identity. Now I live in Toronto, but the French-Canadian side of me refuses to be hidden away. I still root for the Montreal Canadiens despite being best friends with avid Maple Leafs fans. And I still satisfy my craving for a taste of Paris by indulging in macarons.


My favorite place in the city for these delicate delights has to be Butter Avenue. They opened up the street from my apartment two years ago and I’ve been a happy customer ever since.


They use only the best ingredients and one can really tell the difference. They also take advantage of the seasons when coming up with flavors. For Halloween, they had a pumpkin one. Although my favorite has to be the blueberry cheesecake and whenever they have it, I can never resist.


When Macaron Day came around this year, they had some very unusual yet interesting flavors like black sesame, chili and popcorn!


They also have teas and really good coffee as well as other desserts to choose from. Plus, they have a pop-up shop at Holt Renfrew! Marc Jacobs and Macarons? Yes, please. Make sure to check them out!


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