My Love Affair with David

I live in Canada and if you do too, then you’d have noticed that a certain tea store has been popping up all over the country and has now even started to open up in the US. I’m talking of course about David’s Tea.


Now, I was a coffee drinker before I discovered David and his teas. Actually, to be completely honest, I used to vehemently hate tea. But the minute I set foot in my local David’s Tea, I’ve been a tea fanatic ever since. You see, the way they get you is through their pretty storefront. It’s that signature blue that reminds me of Tiffany & Co. The same blue I love so much that I painted my kitchen that color. Once they get you in the store, then you’re greeted with rows and rows of containers filled with tea blends that have the most creative names. I’m a sucker for names. Sometimes I commit to a nail polish just because I like the name so much. And this is no different. From “Forever Nuts” to “Mother’s Little Helper” to the more seasonal “Pumpkin Chai” or “Santa’s Secret”, you will never run out of things to try.

As you can probably tell from my previous food posts, the cupcake one and the macaron one, I love dessert. So it’s only natural that I’m drawn to their dessert teas. It tastes just like your favorite dessert but without the calories.

The first tea I’m reviewing was part of their Fall Collection this year: “Mom’s Apple Pie”. Oh I also forgot to mention that each tea comes with a label that has a fun little description for the tea and the recommended amount, temperature and steep time. This one says “Remember the cinnamon? And that smell of apples baking when you walked in the front door? It was special. So is this deliciously nostalgic roasted apple green tea. Mom would so approve”.


I approve too! It smells amazing. Just like an apple pie would. Every sip was almost as good as a bite of pie. Even though I didn’t go apple picking this year, this definitely satisfied my craving.

As my love affair with David continues, I’ll be posting more reviews on their teas. Hopefully you’re as lucky as I am to have one near you. If not, they have an online store that ships to Canada and the US. Be sure to check them out as they’ve just released their Winter Collection and they make great holiday gifts.



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