Throwback Thursday: Lusting for Louboutins


For the past few months, the Design Exchange, Canada’s Design Museum, hosted the Christian Louboutin Design Exhibition. I was lucky enough to catch it with my good friend Melissa before it wrapped in September and I wanted to share my experience.

Like many, I had been exposed to Mr. Louboutin’s creations via Sex and the City. And ever since I caught a glimpse of the signature red soles, I was head-over-heels (pun intended) in love. Of course, as I’ve only just graduated this year, I have yet to purchase my first pair but that won’t stop me from admiring them from afar. And what better way to oooh and aaah over them than during an exhibit celebrating Christian Louboutin’s 2o-year career?


Once I entered the space, I thought I had died and gone to shoe heaven. I’m not quite sure how many pairs of shoes they had on display but I could not get enough of all of them. The floor was divided into several sections that represented themes that inspired Mr. Louboutin’s creations, like Travel, The Showgirl and at the very corner, covered by curtains, Fetish.


They had shoes on a carousel. They had a Dita Von Teese hologram doing burlesque. It was divine. It was a testament to this man’s genius. He really gets inspired by anything and everything.


They even dedicated a space to his atelier in Paris where, as a lover of all things Day of the Dead related, I found this:


Of course, Miss Piggy would wear Louboutins. She has impeccable taste.

Miss Piggy

But if I had to pick one design, it would definitely have to be his “Kryptonite” shoe. Spikes? Sign me up. I would definitely feel like a superhero wearing these.


And last but definitely not least, to my sheer surprise and childish glee, I discovered that Mr. Louboutin designed a shoe that he named “Paola Booty”! It’s a sleek, sultry and a stiletto. Definitely worthy of my namesake.

Paola Booty

Confession time: Embarrassingly, I had never been to the Design Exchange before this exhibit. But now that I’m aware of its existence, I will definitely keep my eye out for future exhibitions.


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  1. I was so busy all summer and missed the exhibit so I really appreciate this lovely review and the photos! Makes me feel like I was there 🙂 xo

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