Taking Fashion Advice from a Bunny

I find myself lacking inspiration this Monday morning so like any normal person would, I turn to my fashionable and furry friend, Fifi Lapin, as she helps me answer the age-old question of “What Shall I Wear Today?”.
ooh la la
This was one of the first gifts my boyfriend ever gave me when we started dating. He told me it was for inspirational purposes, but I secretly suspect that he was already getting tired of my daily deliberation of what to wear. Needless to say, this has become one of my favorite style guides. Why? Do I need more of a reason than the fact that the book is filled with photos of this adorable bunny in designer clothes?
Aside from the obvious cute factor, this book gives timeless advice on clothes, accessories and beauty. Plus it’s done in a hilarious way as the author writes in Fifi’s persona. She’s a trust-fund bunny with a puppy named Stella (after McCartney, of course) and a beau named Sonny Hare. In fact, the person behind Fifi is so convincing that I almost forgot Fifi isn’t a real-life fashionista. Come to think of it, I still don’t know Fifi’s creator.

The book is divided into seven sections, the seven days of the week. Each day represents a theme that Fifi explores. For example, Tuesday is the casual laid-back day. Friday is glamorous going-out day as Fifi attends a red-carpet event. Sunday is dress-to-impress day as Fifi tries to prevent her father from cancelling her gold card.
Fifi also takes time to interview designers and fashion icons to get inspired when even she can’t decide what to wear. It’s pretty funny to hear some of them address the fact that they’re being interviewed by a bunny. Aside from the two pictured below, she also interviews Eley Kishimoto, Barbara Hulanicki, Michael van der Ham, Erdem & Sir Paul Smith.
Fifi’s adventures continue on her blog. Now to leave you with some inspiring words from Fifi herself!


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