The Best Burgers in Toronto

Now that I’ve covered the best cupcakes and the best macarons, it’s time to go from sweet to savoury. I’m telling you all about the best burgers in the city: The Burger’s Priest.


My hunt for the best burger began when I first met my boyfriend. As an American, he is a burger expert. He has sampled them all, can tell fresh from frozen and prefers them cooked on a flat top griddle. Since moving to Canada, he began the search for the best classic American burger joint. To be honest, I never really cared for burgers. I preferred the homemade kind because all the ones I’ve ever had while eating out were just not good. We had almost given up on our search until a miracle happened. A new burger joint was going to open up a few blocks from our apartment! Could this place be the answer to our prayers? We joined the queue of eager, hungry skeptics and ordered from their regular menu. We took our first bite…and just like that The Burger’s Priest showed us the light and made converts out of us. It has been church for us ever since.

Their patties are just melt in your mouth goodness. They only use the freshest, best kind of ground beef and cook it to perfection on a flat top. Just like any good diner, they also have good fries and milkshakes. But what true fans really enjoy is their Secret Menu. Word has definitely spread because I hear almost everyone ordering from this online-only menu whenever I go. Sorry for the poor photo quality but this was the time my friends ordered The Vatican City (a double cheeseburger between two grilled cheese buns) on the right and The High Priest (basically their equivalent of a Big Mac) on the left. When I don’t want to feel completely guilty, I just get my regular cheeseburger “Jarge-Style” (they grill the patty in mustard and fried onions) and it’s so good.


My favorite burger off their regular menu has to be The Priest, a cheeseburger plus what they call The Option, so-named because it is their vegetarian option: a blend of cheese in between two huge Portobello mushrooms that they’ve breaded and deep-fried. Come on, if this isn’t heaven, I don’t know what is.


They now have three locations and I can personally vouch, if the other two locations are anything like the one by my apartment, that they’re always busy so call ahead if you can. Otherwise be prepared for a line but just remember that it’s well worth it.


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