My Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Tribute

As a new Whovian, I am still catching up on the Matt Smith seasons and will probably not be done by the Day of the Doctor Anniversary Special. I’m trying my best but I’d have to go without sleep or the sun. Besides, I was not able to score tickets for the live showing in Toronto since Cineplex screwed up on making the tickets available on their website and instead prioritized a third-party website to sell out of them. Regardless, I still want to join in the celebrations of this wonderful show that I’ve grown to love.

How my love affair began


Let me start by saying I was very reluctant to get into Doctor Who. I knew friends who were fans but I’d always thought of it as silly. To be completely honest, the amount of episodes, even just starting from the Ninth Doctor, was also a deterrent. Had I not gotten a job this past summer working with Nevena, a die-hard Whovian, I probably would not have started the show at all. But she can be really convincing when she wants to be. I caved, sat down after work to watch “Rose” and the rest was history.

How I transformed my boyfriend from a hater to a Whovian


I was already halfway through the Tennant season when my boyfriend finally clued in that I was really getting obsessed with Doctor Who. Our Netflix account was coming up all Who and he couldn’t understand it. He would not give the show a chance for the longest time as he saw a part of the Ninth Doctor’s first episode and didn’t really like the “cheesy special effects”. Fair enough. I didn’t make him watch it. That is until I had gotten to an episode that every Whovian had talked about and built up for me, “Blink”. I knew if there was an episode that would somehow convince him to give this show a chance, it was this one. So we watched it together and he fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

The episodes I made my family watch


I visited my family this past weekend and I thought to myself, what better timing than the upcoming 5oth Anniversary to introduce my eleven year old brother and eight year old sister as well as my mom to the show. For my siblings, I chose the Adipose episode. The physical comedy is spot on and the aliens in question are cute and cuddly enough to appeal to my sister but still gross since they’re made out of fat to interest my brother. They loved it. As for my mom, the only episode I knew she’d watch was “Vincent and the Doctor”. Van Gogh is her favorite artist and it didn’t hurt that Richard Curtis wrote the episode since we both adore “Love Actually” and watch it every Christmas. It was a slam dunk.

And now to continue in the festivities, here are some of my favorite YouTube videos in celebration of the 50th!

From Nerdy Nummies: Adipose Smores Cupcakes!

From Sorted: Dalek Bread!

From HISHE: Doctor Who “Doomsday”!


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