Stop trying to make Superman & Wonder Woman Happen!

This post is most definitely a rant. If you are a fan of the Superman/Wonder Woman relationship from DC Comics’ New 52, then I suggest you stop reading right now. You’ve been warned.

I should probably admit that I haven’t been the New 52’s biggest fan when it was announced. But some of it pleasantly surprised me, notably Aquaman. Who knew he could be so badass? But when I first heard of DC going down the road of the Supes/Wondy relationship, I was so turned off I’ve stopped reading the New 52 altogether. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge Superman fan. I love Wonder Woman. However, I can’t get behind this pairing. It doesn’t make any sense to me. Wonder Woman works better when she gets to wear the pants in the relationship (pun definitely intended). Superman needs someone to ground him, to emphasize his connection with humanity, to challenge him to be a better man, not just hero. Now, does DC already have someone who could fit this role perfectly? No? Someone with an alliterated name perhaps? Seriously, I was so mad at this pairing that I had to submit the following “confession” to the wonderful DC Comic Confessions on Tumblr.
Not only did DC get rid of Lois and Clark’s relationship but now they’re blatantly copying their iconic moments to use for this joke of a relationship. When they announced that Wonder Woman was finally getting a second title, I was ecstatic. Then I found out it was a book that she had to share with Superman, focusing on their “relationship”. Pass. Hard pass. Aside from the annoying fact that of course Superman gets top billing, I don’t really want to read about their super dates where they take turns punching the bad guy or have sex in space apparently based on this godawful variant cover by Guillem March of Superman/Wonder Woman # 3.
Who could have green-lit this cover? The art is just plain bad. Guillem March draws the same face on every female character he draws and it’s not even a pretty one. Wonder Woman’s nose is nonexistent. Her legs are weird. Her eyes are dead. Superman’s body is just ridiculous. What is this cover trying to convey? Also can Wonder Woman even breathe in space? Maybe the reason why she looks so lifeless is because she’s running out of air. Is it supposed to be sexy? Because I can tell you that it’s not at all. They both look like they just made a big mistake they now regret.

Now the next panels from “For Tomorrow” featuring Superman and Lois are sexy. They actually look like they’re enjoying themselves as opposed to Superman and Wonder Woman’s quickie in space.

DC, stop trying to make Superman and Wonder Woman happen. Just like “fetch”, it’s never going to happen! They’re better as friends. It looks like you’ve already ran out of stories to tell when the third issue needs space sex to spice things up. I’m so over this pairing and will gladly give the new 52 another chance once the inevitable break-up happens.



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7 responses to “Stop trying to make Superman & Wonder Woman Happen!

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  5. will not roll dear prefer Superman and Wonder Woman together they make a good couple

    • Hady

      superman/wonder woman is the best couple i believe DC comics could make, or even the best comic books couple (uk MJ and spidey are amazing too, in the Marvel universe). plus the comic serie Superman/Wonder Woman is my favorite, that,s why i,m here to disagree with you. after all, Lois Lane turned out to be a “bad person” in this serie, till now. Anyway i believe that DC comic made a great job and a great story about these two great heros, so i want to deeply thank them. And yeah for those who didnt liked this couple, i advice you to read these comic ( again serie Superman/Wonder woman) and then we’ll see…

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