My Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

I’m one of those people that love Thanksgiving food. I’m also lucky enough to celebrate it twice a year, once in October since I live in Toronto, and also in November, since my boyfriend is American and insists on hosting a turkey dinner for our friends. Our very first year, we both had never cooked turkey before and ended up roasting it upside down. We found out afterwards that this was actually a method some people use to make the breast stay moist! It’s our third year hosting so we’ve pretty much got the whole routine down.

Turkey: Our go-to is Gordon Ramsay’s recipe and it makes for an amazing turkey. I was a beginner when I first tried this recipe and it’s very easy to follow. We prep the turkey the night before so it’s ready to go in the oven by noon the next day. Resting the turkey makes such a huge difference too.

Green beans: Instead of a casserole, we prefer to have green beans the way our friend makes it. He made it the first year we hosted and we’ve been making it ever since. You only need five ingredients: green beans, leeks, dill, olive oil and sea salt. If you need an exact recipe, here is the closest one online that I can find (The following photo is from the recipe).

Mashed potatoes: Two of my friends usually bring this side dish but this year, I think I’m going to try this recipe. I’m intrigued by the flavor that browned butter will give to the potatoes. If it’s a hit, then I’ll probably make it every year (The following photo is from the recipe).


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