Thanksgiving Thank You Gifts: What To Bring

As a hostess for the my third Thanksgiving dinner, I think I can safely give advice on what I think people should show up with when invited to dinner.

1. Always ask if they’re missing anything or if you can help with anything. Even if the host says no, it’s a nice gesture and it makes us feel like we’re not alone with the responsibility of an entire dinner.

2. Desserts. I love baking but on Thanksgiving, I have to focus on dinner. It’s always helpful when people bring an assortment of cookies, cupcakes or pies. It takes the pressure off the main course. If the turkey’s ruined, knock on wood, at least there’s pumpkin pie or red velvet to salvage the night.


3. Drinks. One can never have enough drinks. I never know who prefers what, if you like Coke or Pepsi, if you drink red or white. So bring what you like to drink and it’s one less thing for me to worry about.¬†

4. Small gifts. While not obviously not a requirement, I’m super grateful when friends give me a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates.



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