Throwback Thursday: Favorite Thanksgiving TV episodes

Happy American Thanksgiving! I’m currently busy cooking and watching football but another thing I love about this holiday is the Thanksgiving-themed episodes from my favorite shows. I’d like to share a list of the ones I keep going back to.

Friends: This show really put a stamp on Thanksgiving as their own and every season has an episode celebrating the holiday. Yes, even Season Two. It’s “The One with the List”. Remember Mockolate? I love all of them so it’s so hard to choose one, but if I absolutely had to then it would be “The One with All the Thanksgivings”. Special mention to “The One with the Rumor” with Brad Pitt and “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister” with Christina Applegate.

Gossip Girl: I miss this show so much. As much as the parties, galas, fundraisers and cotillions were fun, nothing was quite like Thanksgiving at the Upper East Side. From the fashion to the food to the drama, I loved their Thanksgiving episodes. My favorite had to be Season One’s “Blair Waldorf Must Pie”. The flashbacks were great. The drama was high and the ending was perfect.


How I Met Your Mother: HIMYM’s Slapsgiving is genius. While you’re waiting for “Slapsgiving 3”, the episode where the final slaps are to be doled out before the series ends, I suggest you watch “Slapsgiving” and “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap”.


New Girl: With Friends and Gossip Girl off the air and HIMYM ending soon, I desperately needed a new sitcom that would satisfy my Thanksgiving-themed episode craving. I’m happy to report that New Girl fills that void. I’ve really grown to love the characters in this show. Schimdt has been the obvious favorite from the get-go but Nick is slowly but surely occupying my heart. As much as I loved the first season’s Thanksgiving, I found Season Two’s “Parents” where Jess tries to parent-trap her divorced parents funnier. This week’s episode where they decide to go camping and hunt for Thanksgiving dinner was hysterical!


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