My Favorite Holiday Movies and The Holiday Fashion They Inspire

Once December hits, I get holiday fever and all I want to do is bake, decorate, wrap presents and watch movies. Everyone has their favorites that they can fall back to year after year. My mom and I started a tradition to watch Love Actually a couple years ago and it stuck. I’ve added new movies to the mix as they’re introduced to me. For example, my best friend Emilie insists upon watching Elf while my boyfriend will not feel like it’s Christmas without seeing It’s A Wonderful Life. In this post, I use the movies that I’ve seen time and again as inspiration for this year’s holiday outfit.

Love Actually: My list is not complete without one of my favorite movies ever. I even watch this when it’s not seasonally appropriate. I love Richard Curtis’ writing and the whole cast. My fashion inspiration from this movie would be Natalie’s red coat. It’s festive and perfect for the holidays. I found this one from J.Crew that I love.
Love Actually

The Muppet Christmas Carol: Charles Dickens’ classic tale is a must read for me every Christmas so naturally this interpretation is one of my faves. My fashion inspiration comes from Miss Piggy’s plaid dress. There’s something very classic about plaid. This dress by Madewell with sheer sleeves is a modern interpretation of the Victorian version.

Elf: If you just wanna laugh out loud then look no further. It has Will Ferrell at his best and even Peter Dinklage pre-Tyrion Lannister. My holiday fashion inspiration is the adorable hat that Zooey Deschanel wears. For me, it strikes the perfect balance of quirky and style. I found one that’s very similar from Free People, right down to the pom pom!
Hopefully these inspire you to watch your favorite holiday movies and wear your favorite festive outfits!


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