Twelve David’s Teas for Christmas: A Review

I just realized I haven’t reviewed any new David’s Tea flavors in awhile so in the spirit of the holidays (and because it snowed a bit this weekend), I’m reviewing twelve teas!

On the first day of Christmas (aka my first gift exchange of the season), my good friend Melissa gave to me: one David’s Tea 12 Sachet Box which is way better than a partridge in a pear tree. This is such a great gift idea for both tea connoisseurs and tea beginners. There are 6 flavors in total and each sachet already comes in a tea bag, ready to steep.
Here’s what I think of them:

Coco Chai Rooibos: I don’t like rooibos tea and coconut is a hit or miss with me, so this tea was gonna have to work hard to impress me. Now I tried to prepare myself since the label warns you this blend is spicy but the first sip still shocked me. It’s too spicy. Not only does it have ginger, it also has cardamom plus red peppercorns. I guess it has an aftertaste of coconut? I can’t be sure. I just know I don’t like it.

Long Life Oolong: I’m not too sure if I’ve tasted oolong tea before but this blend was nothing special. It was only ok. It kind of tasted like peaches or apricots or both but that’s it. I couldn’t taste the orange peel or safflower. Maybe this would be better iced…

Forever Nuts: This is one of their bestsellers and for good reason. It turns a bright pink color that is just plain fun and it tastes fruity, earthy and nutty all at once. Since it’s very busy flavor-wise, I personally wouldn’t drink it all the time but I still found it very good. I’ll try it iced come summer.

David’s Organic Breakfast: I’m a black tea girl. I need my caffeine but coffee sometimes gives me migraines so I’ve been searching for something to wake me up and I found it! This tea is hands down my favorite out of the box. I made it with sugar and milk, just like I would a cup of coffee and it tasted so good. It’s perfectly balanced and I can’t wait to get a whole tin.

Silk Dragon Jasmine: I’m already halfway sold because of “dragon” being in the name. Plus I love the smell of jasmine flowers. According to their website, they gather the flowers in the morning, keep them cool all day and in the evening when they open, they’re placed with their best organic green tea until midnight. This is done a total of 5 nights. Now, I don’t know if it’s the name or the story of how it’s made, but there’s something about this tea that speaks to me. If you’re looking for a cup of smooth, clean, jasmine-scented green tea, look no further.

Chocolate Rocket: I’ve never tried a mate tea before so I was curious about how it would taste. I don’t like it as much as black, herbal or green but I do like it more than rooibos. This blend is actually not bad at all. It’s very rich and warming, because of the cocoa and chicory. I normally don’t like chicory but mixed with raspberries it works. The more I sipped it, the better it got. I’d definitely have it again.

On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: two dessert teas! Here are two of my favorite dessert teas, perfect after a heavy holiday meal.

Red Velvet Cake: As you can see from the photo above, this tea has semi-sweet and white chocolate chip bits in it! If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I’m a cupcake connoisseur and I love red velvet so obviously this is a match made in heaven. Of course, nothing beats the real thing but for next to no calories, I’d say this is a great compromise. This tea is decadent as a latte but I wouldn’t recommend adding a lot of sweetener.

Sugar and Spice: If you’re looking for something a little less sweet but equally as satisfying then this one is for you. It smells heavenly and it’s perfect for this time of year since it tastes like a freshly baked spice cake. This has cloves in it, a spice I really love so I was sold.

On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: three holiday teas! I review this year’s holiday collection from David’s Tea.

Sleigh Ride: I had this last year and I’m glad they brought it back this year since I loved it. This is the perfect tea if, like me, you’re still longing for the warmth of the last glorious days of fall before the cold air of winter came along. I say this because the tea has apples in it but it also has cinnamon, raisins, almonds and hibiscus which all go really well together.

Gingerbread: Like I said before, I don’t like rooibos tea. But if it’s made to taste like gingerbread, I’d be willing to reconsider. Now, this tea was good the first few sips… mmm…gingerbread…but then the aftertaste reminded me of why I don’t like rooibos. Oh well, maybe it’s an acquired taste. Still, this rooibos blend is the one I liked the most to date, so that’s saying something at least.

Santa’s Secret: I need to preface this review with: I don’t like mint in my drinks or even with chocolate for that matter. In fact, I only like mint in gum or Vietnamese spring rolls. So yeah, I did not like Santa’s Secret’s secret ingredient: peppermint. If it didn’t have any, I could review it properly but I tried a sip of the sample they were giving out and I couldn’t get past the mint. Sorry, not my cup of tea. See what I did there? I’m hilarious.

Ok, so how many teas have I reviewed so far? 11? I’m one short? Hmmm…oh well, I can’t make a “fourth day of Christmas” pun out of this one but here it is anyway:

Chai Guarana: This is my boyfriend’s favorite tea from David’s Tea especially during the holidays since he says it reminds him of Christmas at his parents’ place. This chai tea has anise and cinnamon in it so according to him, with some agave and milk, it tastes just like his favorite holiday cookie: biscochitos, the state of New Mexico’s official cookie! If that doesn’t make you want to try it, then I don’t know what will.


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