Holiday Cookies Redux: Cookie Pops!

Recently, I did a post on my first batch of Christmas cookies. They are really easy to make and super fun to decorate. Plus they make great gifts and whenever I bring them to holiday parties, I always get compliments. Last week, we were meeting up with our neighbors who were leaving for Europe for the holidays so I wanted to do something really special. They gave me a cake pop set last Christmas and I still had these festive sticks leftover:
Originally, I wanted to make cake pops but I find them a little too sweet since you have to mix frosting with the cake crumbs plus dip them in chocolate. So I got creative and decided, why not make sugar cookie pops. I had never done this before and after a few minutes of googling, I decided to give it a try. I pressed the stick on the back of a cut cookie and put more dough on top:
I was a little skeptical. Would they hold up? Surprisingly, they turned out really well and my friends loved it! The sticks even came in handy when my boyfriend had coffee and wanted to dip his cookie in it, which he reported back was the best thing.
I’ll be taking a holiday break from the blog but I should be back on or after Boxing Day. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas with your loved ones!


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