Best Meatballs in Toronto

I’d like to preface this review by saying I’m not a big sandwich fan. I’m not even a big meatball fan. But I have been converted by one bite of Pastissima’s meatball sub. My boyfriend has been raving about this place for a long time but I haven’t given it a try until recently since it’s not really my thing. I’m so glad I have because it is just amazing. Let me give you a play by play.
Every sandwich needs a good base and this one has really good bread that’s equal parts crusty and chewy. I believe it’s made by a local bakery. Then comes three sizeable meatballs that are so amazing and exactly what you’d imagine them to be. Well seasoned, moist, cooked to perfection and basted with marinara sauce and sprinkled with the right ratio of cheese and red pepper flakes.
You don’t need sides with this baby. It’s big. I spent a minute just looking at it and studying the best way to attack it. And the best part? $6. Just writing about it makes my mouth water. Luckily, I live nearby but it’s definitely worth the trip uptown.
But If meatball subs aren’t your thing, they also have a great selection of fresh pastas, salads and other yummy offerings. I noticed a lot of people just walking in to get the salads and the fresh pastas to go so I’ll definitely give them a try next time. Or maybe I’ll just stick to eating the city’s greatest meatball sub every time. If you are like Joey Tribbiani or know a friend who is, then this place is for you.


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