Friday Favorites

First Friday Favorites of 2014 and it’s perfectly on theme. I’ve got fashion, food and fandom all covered.

We’ve been having -30 C weather in Toronto this past week so I’ve been trying to stay warm. Luckily I bought the perfect loungewear on Boxing Day, which for those unfamiliar with the holiday, is the day after Christmas when everything goes on sale. I fell in love with the pattern on these Victoria’s Secret PINK leggings and paired it with a comfortable black raglan tee from PINK as well.
Recently, I also made the perfect New Mexican red chili pulled pork. I use a recipe given to me by my boyfriend’s mother and slow roasted the meat in my oven for close to 8 hours. It came out with great bark, which may look like it’s burnt but it’s actually perfectly moist and tender inside with a good crust. The whole apartment smelled so good and when it came out of the oven, it just fell apart.
I also want to share another recent addition to our board game collection: Carcassonne! It is an amazing board game and now completes the four pillars of Euro board games according to Wil Wheaton. Kind of a big deal. I’ll be doing a review of our recent board game acquisitions soon.
Last but not least, while I know that the holiday season is officially over, I somehow want to keep a little token of the festivities in the form of this scrumptious gingerbread-scented soap.


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