Restaurant Review: JOEY Eaton Centre

I’m not usually a fan of chain restaurants, but sometimes one comes along that is so good, it becomes my go-to when I don’t want to think of where to eat, drink or hang out. Mine has definitely got to be JOEY, more precisely the one at the Eaton Centre. My friend Chris, introduced me to this chain since he worked at one when he was in Manitoba. I have gone a lot this past year that it has become a running joke among my friends. But I’m looking forward to going more this year.

They have a lot of items on the menu, so there’s something for everyone, but not too much that they’re all over the place and they can’t prepare each dish with care. I have yet to try a lot of their dishes since I somehow just end up ordering the same thing whenever I come in, which is their Baja Fish Tacos. You get three tacos with breaded fish and shrimp and the best hot sauce on the side. I’ve had it several times and it’s consistently perfect every single time.
However, what really hooked me in was their bellinis. They’re hands down, the best peach bellinis ever, with half a frozen peach serving as ice. I get one every time I go. Sometimes, I stop by just to have the bellini.
And obviously, any restaurant that has a molten lava chocolate soufflé and does it well is top notch in my books.
A concern that people may have is the location of the bathrooms. They’re quite a walk from the dining area, but come on, I think it’s actually a good thing that we get a chance to walk off all the food we’ve consumed. Also you pass a telephone box that reminded me of the TARDIS which made me so happy.



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3 responses to “Restaurant Review: JOEY Eaton Centre

  1. It’s good to know this because I get down there once in a while but I don’t live close enough to really know where it’s good to eat when I’m shopping.

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