Best Comic Shop in Toronto: Paradise Comics

My love affair with comics started when I met my boyfriend. If you see our living room, you’d understand. In case you missed that post, then click here and scroll all the way down. He introduced me to the wonderful world of comic books and I have not looked back since. More importantly, he also brought me to the best comic store in Toronto, Paradise Comics, which just so happens to be right beside our apartment. I have a suspicion that fact helped him decide to sign the lease.

Paradise Comics is four blocks north of Yonge & Lawrence, so not downtown but still minutes from the subway. I have been to many a comic store in Toronto and they’re hands down my favorite because:

a) The service: They have the best service out of any store. They’re super friendly whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned collector. They’re extremely helpful but also know when to just let you dig through stuff. They go above and beyond to track down, order and get you whatever you need. Plus the more you visit them and the more you get to know them, the better friends you become. And trust me, you want to be friends with them, because they’re the nicest and coolest people in the neighborhood. Oh and if you bring them baked goods, they’ll love you forever.

b) The graphic novels: The focus of my collection is definitely predominantly DC Comics and the titles I prefer are female-led. I also rarely buy in single-issue form so I really love the fact that Paradise’s graphic novel selection is the most extensive I’ve seen anywhere. I managed to get the complete Secret Six run by Gail Simone as well as most of the Gail’s Birds of Prey run. In fact, most of the books seen below are from Paradise.

c) Silver and Golden Age: Now I’m not an expert but I’ve heard and I’m told that they have the best selection of silver and golden age comics. If you’re looking for the “Holy Grail” of your collection, like first appearances of your favorite characters or books to complete a run that hasn’t been collected, then this is the place to go.

d) Their prices and their membership: They charge US cover price which may seem standard but some comic stores still charge Canadian which is super annoying. Their sales are really good when they have them. And when you get a lifetime membership, you save a ton.

e) Their events: They host really cool events where you can meet some of Toronto’s best comic creators and artists. The photo below is from an event they had featuring the awesome Kill Shakespeare, who released their third graphic novel “Tide of Blood” that my boyfriend worked on!

I’m very grateful to call Paradise my local comic shop. Be sure to stop by and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



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