Tabletop Thursday: “Carcassonne” Review

I want to talk about my new favorite game that’s probably an oldie for a lot of board game veterans out there but I only just discovered this recently: Carcassonne.

I get most of my board game recommendations from Wil Wheaton’s web series Tabletop, so when they came out with the video for Carcassonne, we immediately hunted it down and got it.

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here are the basics: it’s a tile-laying game. You take turns to pick a tile from the pile and put it down in accordance to the rules, which are the same edges go with the same edges. Tiles can be fields, cities, roads and monasteries. You also get seven little meeples, which are the gingerbread men that act as farmers, knights, thieves or monks. You place them around the communally built board to score points.
We couldn’t wait for our friends to come over so my boyfriend and I played a game right away. And I have to say it is such a great game for two players. I have been looking for one that we can play over and over again. Finally, we found it. I think we played two or three rounds that same night we bought it. Every time is different, especially if you don’t play with the river expansion. Although I prefer playing with the river when we have three or more players.

Now that we have Carcassonne, our Euro-style board game collection is pretty complete with the basics like Catan, Alhambra and Ticket to Ride. One tiny problem though: we are running out of space to put all these board games!



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