DC Universe Animated Preview & Update on Superman/Batman

Happy Hump Day! For those that don’t know, Wednesdays are when new comic books are released by publishers so it’s usually called New Comic Book Day. In honor of this, I’d like to take a look at the comic book properties I’m really excited about that are being transformed into animated and live-action films.

Let’s get the big news out first. Warner Bros has announced that the much-anticipated sequel to Man of Steel that will finally feature Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman together for the first time in a live-action movie has been pushed back a year.
They will now go head-to-head against a still-unannounced Marvel movie in 2016. I’m a bit disappointed about the news but I also think the extra time should be enough for them to make sure they don’t screw things up royally. They’re basically doing a Justice League movie without outwardly calling it that. Hopefully the Wonder Woman “rumor” doesn’t turn out to be true. In any case, despite the rumors and the delay, I remain hopeful about the Trinity’s first live-action appearance together.

Something I’m not too positive about is the upcoming DC Universe Animated movie, Justice League: War. Forgive me if I’m not too excited about DC’s first “New 52” movie. I already don’t like the New 52 to begin with and then they announce that Aquaman won’t be in the movie. He’ll be replaced by Captain Marvel, now known as Shazam but I refuse to call him that. I love Billy Batson but Aquaman was the one book I actually enjoyed from the “reboot”. And then they put Wonder Woman in this outfit:

What in Hera’s name is she wearing? Some sort of sleeveless turtleneck thing? All I have to say is that there better not be any Superman-Wonder Woman flirting or I will have a cow. I’m so over that pairing. Every piece of news that reaches me about their ongoing comic makes my blood boil.

Before I make my blood pressure rise any higher, let’s move on to something I actually am looking forward to, the next DC Universe Animated movie: Son of Batman!

Damian is my favorite Robin so I could not be more happy that they’re doing Grant Morrison’s “Batman and Son”. I know, I know, he’s supposed to be dead in the New 52 but I don’t accept anything from that continuity to be true. In my universe, he’s alive and well, saying snarky things to Batgirl aka Stephanie Brown while Lois and Clark are still married. But less about my pretend perfect universe and more about the movie. Talia and Deathstroke are both in it, I’m sold. I like the voice actors for the most part. I’m looking forward to Bruce adjusting to his role as dad and the dynamic between Alfred and Damian. Can we just skip Justice League: War and go straight to this release? Kaythanksbye.


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