Morning-After Monday

Monday gets a bad rap and I have to admit I’m not exactly its biggest fan. Especially if you had a little too much to drink over the weekend. I had an impromptu girls’ night last Friday with lots of wine. Saturday was spent recovering since my tolerance has gone downhill since first year of university. And Sunday got me to thinking about my morning-after essentials hence this post. Everyone probably has their own hangover cure and next morning rituals to get themselves back in the game. Here are some of mine:
1. I need to be wearing the comfiest, slouchiest, softest sweatpants in order to even start my recovery.
2. Brunch. Even if you wake up in the afternoon, I fully believe breakfast food will make you feel better faster.
3. Countering the dehydrating effects of alcohol is definitely key.
4. Sometimes sleep is the only thing that helps.
5. Laying on the couch and watching something you’ve seen a hundred times.
6. I know it’s sort of counter-productive to have coffee after drinking all that water, but I never said this was an exact science.

Hopefully this makes some of you feel a little bit better on this early Monday morning. Let’s have a great week!


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