Comic Book Review: ASOIAF prequel “The Hedge Knight” Graphic Novel

Happy New Comic Book Day! Wednesday wouldn’t be complete without me posting about my latest geeky obsession. As you know I’m a huge A Song of Ice and Fire fan so I thought I would give a spoiler-free review of the Game of Thrones prequel graphic novel I read this weekend. I won’t blame you if you haven’t heard of it. I myself stumbled upon it at my local comic book store recently. I did hear about George R.R. Martin’s Tales of Dunk and Egg being adapted into comic books but I forgot about it until now. I’m sorry. I haven’t read the Dunk and Egg stories since it would require me to purchase the anthologies they were first published in and I’d rather just wait until they compiled them into their own book. So for now, to satisfy my ASOIAF appetite, I turn to the first of the graphic novels.
“The Hedge Knight” tells the story of Dunk, a hedge knight, obviously, which means that he doesn’t have a master to serve. He meets a young boy who calls himself Egg on his way to a tournament and makes him his squire. I don’t want to spoil the twists in the plot but needless to say there’s a fair amount of action, betrayal, intrigue and death since we are in Westeros after all. The art is great. I can’t really comment on the adaptation from novella to comic book since I haven’t read the original version.

Sure, none of the well-known characters from the ASOIAF books or the show are present since this takes place roughly a hundred years before those events but their forefathers are. Tourneys assemble the major houses so of course as the ruling family, the Targaryens are very present, which makes me very happy since they’re my favorite House. Members of House Lannister and Baratheon also make appearances. But Dunk and Egg are compelling enough to hold your interest in their own right. That being said you’d still want to google and Wikipedia the heck out of the characters mentioned to see how they’re connected to the ones we all know and love.
With Season 4 of Game of Thrones still two months away and the sixth book nowhere near in sight, this is a must-read for those of you who, like me, are craving for more stories set in Westeros. It’s a quick read but very satisfying as there’s a beginning and an end to the story so you won’t have to pull your hair out wondering what happened to a beloved character (those who’ve finished A Dance with Dragons know exactly what I’m talking about). The second Dunk and Egg graphic novel “The Sworn Sword” is already out so that’s next on my ‘must-read’ list.
Hope this convinces you to give it this series a shot. Happy Hump Day!


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