Tailgatin’ Thursday: Super Bowl Party Recipe Round-up

Every year my friends and I gather for the Super Bowl. This year would be the first time we’re hosting and I could not be more excited. First of all, my team the Seahawks are playing. Second, they’re going up against the Broncos. Two of my friends are Denver fans, one is a die-hard Peyton Manning fan so that should make for an interesting atmosphere. And last but not least, the food, duh! Super Bowl is the perfect excuse to indulge. Making these cupcakes have always been my contribution each year to every Super Bowl party we attended:
But now that we’re hosting, in addition to my cupcakes, I want to try some new recipes and luckily the internet does not disappoint. These are the ones that caught my eye:
1. My friend Jon said he might bring this amazing-sounding dip. Please do Jon, please do.
2. Four words for you: Bacon. Potato. Cheddar. Tart. Obviously this recipe is by a Canadian chef.
3. The bf loves deviled eggs so I thought I might make them with an added Super Bowl twist.
4. Aren’t these just the most adorable little things you’ve ever seen?! Don’t you just want to eat them up?! Exactly.
5. Ever since I saw photos of people’s Super Bowl snack stadiums, I’ve been wanting to make one of my own. Will this be the year the Seahawks win? More importantly, will this be the year I build a snack stadium?

I won’t necessarily make all of them, especially the last one, but rest assured that there will be plenty of food to go along with the football. Go Hawks!



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