Friday Favorites

I am super excited for this weekend, there are no words. Ok, maybe there are some words, but first here are the things that made me very happy this week:

I got these $100 boots for $30!
I also bought my best friend and I matching Team Canada mittens because we were holding hands when we watched Sid Crosby score the game-winning goal last time. So even though we’re apart, we can watch the games “together”. Aren’t I the sweetest? The answer is yes.
The end of January also meant that Dlish Cupcakes‘ limited edition flavor was going to change so I just had to have these Belgian chocolate cupcakes filled with dulce de leche from Argentina one last time…or two…ok, fine, three!
And now for what I’m looking forward to the most: Super Bowl 48! I’ve already started to prep for my Super Bowl Party.
I’m still deciding on which of these recipes we’ll end up having on Sunday. I just know that it’s gonna be an amazing game between the Seahawks and the Broncos. I’m obviously rooting for Beast Mode and the Legion of Boom while some of my friends will be worshipping the ground Peyton Manning walks on until the end of time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Go Hawks 😉


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