Superman/Batman casts its Lex Luthor (Oh and Alfred too!)

I just…I can’t even…I…I’m speechless. So this news just came out and 1/2 of it basically ruined my Friday afternoon. My reaction:
Forgive me if I’m not among those cheering for joy that they reduced Lex Luthor to Mark Zuckerberg. It should’ve been Bryan Cranston. I would’ve been ok if Joaquin Phoenix got the part. But Jesse Eisenberg? Him? I don’t think he has quite the gravitas to make a good Lex. A whiny, nerdy, looks-too-young-even-though-he’s-Henry-Cavill’s-age Lex, yes. But why would you want that?

And for those trying to convince me that this is a good thing, give it a rest. I’ve made up my mind that I don’t like this piece of casting news. God forbid I have a different opinion and I question the direction Zack Snyder is going. Good thing they pushed this movie back to 2016 so I can set this piece of news aside and pretend that it’s just a dream.

P.S. I think Irons as Alfred will be amazing. And I was happy with Affleck and Gadot as well so I don’t just hate for the sake of complaining.


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