Super Bowl 48 and the Fashion it Inspires

Wow! Last night’s game was seriously amazing. There was no way I could’ve predicted the outcome. I mean sure I was expecting the score to be that high, but for Denver. From the bizarre safety to start the match, there was no turning back. The Legion of Boom was legendary and the best team won. Even Peyton agrees. I love Peyton but let me just bask in the glory of the Seahawks’ win. In honor of the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos, here are some pieces that really inspired me:

Denver Broncos
1. Horse Print A-Line Dress
2. Striped sweater in Denver’s Colors
3. Broncos Print Pyjama Bottoms

Seattle Seahawks
1. Sleeveless striped dress in the Seahawks’ colors
2. Bird Stud earrings
3. Hawk sweater
I can’t believe football season is over. But at least the Olympics are right around the corner! Happy Monday everyone and hope your week is awesome.


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