The Lovely Lethal Ladies on ARROW

Happy New Comic Book Day! On this nerdy Wednesday post, I want to show some love for one of my favorite TV shows out there, Arrow. While I admit I was pretty skeptical during the first season, the cast and the story quickly won me over. My boyfriend describes the show as “Smallville on crack”. For those of you unfamiliar with the premise, it’s about Green Arrow (basically Batman with a bow and arrow) and his quest to make his city safe. Season 2 has been incredible so far with a lot of Easter eggs for comic book fans like myself. I’m so happy that the show features so many of my favorite kickass female comic book characters. Let’s recap shall we?

I mean we already have Dinah “Laurel” Lance (I still don’t like that they call her by her middle name but whatever), Thea Dearden Queen aka “Speedy” (see Mia Dearden) and Felicity Smoak as series regulars.
They had Shado for the flashback scenes.
They also brought in Alex Kingston aka River Song to play Laurel’s mom and while I’m still waiting for Laurel to take over and become one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, I don’t mind her sister Sara Lance as Black Canary.
Sin is supposed to be a little Asian girl that Black Canary takes under her wing in the comics but I guess that doesn’t really work for the show so they had to change her age and role but they still could’ve made her Asian, not that there’s anything wrong with Bex Taylor-Klaus.
We’ve also seen Amanda Waller last episode and I squealed when she said she’s assembling a squad. I guess they’re going with the New 52 version and not the iconic one.
Summer Glau is another great character but she’s sort of disappeared in recent episodes. Maybe they’re saving her for something bigger later on.
Phew! Ok now that I’ve recapped the female characters from this season so far, let me talk about the lady who’s making her debut tonight: Nyssa Al Ghul, the other daughter of Ra’s. Many are familiar with Talia Al Ghul, the more popular daughter of the Demon’s Head. So who is Nyssa? Well I’m not sure what her story on Arrow will be but in the comics she is the oldest known daughter of Ra’s. She finds him and joins him, even getting to use his Lazarus Pits. They have a falling out however when Ra’s refused to help Nyssa out during World War II when she was being held in a concentration camp. She plots to kill her father by using her sister Talia but they both fail and ultimately accept their destinies and become heads of the League of Assassins. She is then killed by The League during the events of “One Year Later”. I’m very excited to see her on Arrow!
While Nyssa’s all well and good, the most exciting piece of news, to me at least, concerning female comic book characters is the fact that Arrow is going to be airing an episode called “Birds of Prey”! Insert scream here. Gail Simone’s Birds of Prey is the series that got me addicted to comics so obviously I was ecstatic when they announced the news. The (almost) all-female group is led by former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon now known as Oracle who partners with Black Canary initially and then they’re joined by Huntress. Various other members join and leave the group throughout the series. While Settlers of Catan is called a “gateway” game, then Birds of Prey is a “gateway” comic book.
Birds of Prey Of Like Minds
The Hollywood Reporter just published an interview with the showrunners revealed that while we may not start “with the Holy Trinity of Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress, right out of the bat. We’ll get there”. Hells, yeah! This other article on Den of Geek suggests that maybe Felicity would take on Oracle’s role which I would not be opposed to as much as I’d want the show to have Barbara Gordon. The episode should at least unite Black Canary and Huntress which would make my dream come true.
Hope this got you all excited for Arrow, or at the very least interested in watching it. Happy Hump Day!


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