Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I’m still on a high from Sunday’s events. Yes the Seahawks won and I could not be happier. Our Super Bowl party was a success and here’s what I ended up making:
Those mini corn dog muffins were so cute and very yummy that I might just make them again for my next party.

I also received my first Valentine-themed chocolates from a good friend who was such a good sport despite the Broncos losing. Next year, buddy.

This February is also the month that The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) is running their “Kisses 4 CANFAR” campaign. They’re asking Canadians to kiss HIV and AIDS goodbye by raising awareness and donating. You can wear red lipstick from February 1st to the 15th and tweet, Instagram or Facebook your photo with #smoochselfie #Kisses4Canfar to let others know about the campaign. You can also go to their website to donate!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


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