Tasty Tuesday: ‘House of Cards’ Valentine’s Day Menu

Yes, you read right. How can I not take my inspiration from one of my favorite shows when they announced that they’re premiering their highly-anticipated second season on February 14? Thanks to House of Cards, a lot of people (couples and singles alike) were saved the trouble of coming up with what to do this year for Valentine’s Day. We were more than happy to stay in but that does not mean we’re slacking off. I’m still going to channel my inner Claire and wear my favorite LBD while the boyfriend will be forced to dress up like he’s running for office. As for the menu? It will be perfectly on theme.
If you’re a fan of the show, then you’ll know why a BBQ dinner is the perfect thing to make for the Season 2 premiere. Here are the recipes I’m planning on following:
1. This recipe for BBQ ribs was directly inspired from the show and developed by Chef Curtis Stone after watching it.
2. When Freddy asks Frank if he wants “slaw” to go with his ribs, his answer is, “Of course”. So obviously, I have to make coleslaw.
3. It’s hard to imagine Claire baking but I love the alliteration so I’m sticking with it. I like this recipe for cornbread muffins because it incorporates real pieces of corn.
4. My boyfriend is American and from the Midwest so he grew up drinking Sweet Tea. In fact, he finds it weird that almost every iced tea in Canada is flavored with lemon. When he introduced me to Southern Sweet Tea, I never looked back. I have perfected my own recipe by using this black tea from David’s Tea.


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