Tabletop Thursday: Double Date Night “Tsuro of the Seas” Review

I always enjoy discovering new games so I was super excited to go on a double date with one of our couple friends on Monday to check out Snakes & Lagers, a board game bar in Toronto. Prior to coming I had already reviewed their library online and had one specific game in mind that I wanted to try. I had already played Tsuro at a friend’s birthday party and really liked it but found that it could use a little more excitement. So when I saw this on Tabletop, I knew it was what I was looking for:

It’s a super simple concept that is so easy to explain to novice and expert tabletop gamers alike. You take control of your own ship and lay tiles with different paths on them that your ship must follow. The objective is to be the last ship standing by trying to avoid a) colliding with other ships, b) laying a tile that will lead you off-board or c) being eaten by a daikaiju or sea monster (which we just called dragons for obvious reasons, GAME OF THRONES). We all got into it pretty quickly and there were lots of exciting moments during the game. At one point, our friend Meagan had to stare right into the face of a daikaiju and had to roll a four to activate that particular dragon, which she did to cheers, and roll a 5 to get it to back off, which she did much to the amazement of the entire table. I got to make a dragon eat another one, which wasn’t as epic but still pretty cool.
The art is just gorgeous and for some reason, we stayed alive longer. And even when someone is eliminated, which in our case was me, they can still participate by taking control of the dragons and rolling the dice as well as moving them. I really loved playing Tsuro of the Seas and can’t wait to add it to our growing collection.
As always, happy gaming!



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