2014 Olympic Gold Medal Game and the Fashion It Inspires

Yesterday, along with my fellow Canadians across the country as well as all over the world, I watched the 2014 Winter Olympics Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Game. Much like most of Canada, I can remember exactly where I was in 2010 when Sidney Crosby scored the overtime goal: in our university common room, holding hands with my best friends, while my new American boyfriend cheered for the opposing team. Four years later, I’ve graduated university; I’m now living with the aforementioned American boyfriend who remained asleep since his team was eliminated while I was in the living room in my pyjamas with my red Olympic mittens on, cheering for Team Canada. From the goals by Toews, Crosby and Kunitz to Price’s amazing shutout, I simply can’t choose my favorite moment. Actually, scratch that, my favorite moment had to be the comeback by our women’s hockey team. That was epic.

Canada did amazingly well at Sochi and our athletes made us so proud. The Olympics may be over but this high will last us for awhile. I for one intend to keep celebrating with some of these pretty gold things:

1. Vintage Metallic sweatshirt from J.Crew
2. Wildlife Lowball glasses from Indigo
3. Good as Gold idiom bangle from Kate Spade
4. Glitter & Gold tea from DAVID’s TEA
5. Scented candle from Kate Spade
6. Gold-stripe cork iPhone case from J.Crew


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