Tasty Tuesday: 86th Academy Awards Recipe Round-up

The 85th Academy AwardsÆ will air live on OscarÆ Sunday, February 24, 2013.
Of course I’m having an Oscar party. Do you even have to ask? I have a couple more movies to watch before the Academy Awards this Sunday but I already have my menu pretty much set. Last year, I had an easier time thinking of funny food puns. This year was more of a challenge but I rose to the occasion and came up with snacks to serve my friends.

1. Dallas Buyers Club Sandwiches
I might just go with the traditional route, but this version looks amazing.
2. The Wieners of Wall Street
Super easy to make but still super yummy!
3. Despicable Mini Quiches 2
There are so many mini-quiche recipes out there, with crust or without crust, that I’m not quite sure which one I’m gonna go with but I do know they’ll be delicious.
4. Captain Philli-chips with Nebraska Corn Salsa and Iron Man 3-Cheese Dip
I’ll buy the chips and salsa but make one of these dips.
5. Red Velvet Carpet Cupcakes
No party of mine is complete without cupcakes and red velvet ones to match the red carpet are perfect. I’ll either make them or buy them. And as I’ve said before, Dlish Cupcakes makes the best ones in Toronto. These ones are red carpet appropriate:


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