Tabletop Thursday: “Dominion” Review

All week I’ve been wondering what to do for my Thursday post until lo and behold, our neighbor Jons (yes, that’s how his name is spelled, he’s Dutch) came over with a brand new board game. I’ve been hearing about Dominion ever since I started getting into board games. Seasoned gamers love it; board game cafes and bars have them as a staple; it’s won a ton of awards; but I’ve always avoided trying it out since the font on the box was such a turn-off.
Well, after playing, I just learned that one should not judge a tabletop game by its box. This game is awesome and I’m mad at myself that I haven’t been playing it this whole time! I actually don’t think I can call it a “board game” since technically, it’s a card game but it’s a tabletop game so it still has a place here. Dominion is a deck-building game and it’s actually the first deck-building game. Some of you have probably heard of Magic The Gathering or Pokemon card games where you have to build your deck by purchasing packs of cards? In Dominion, you use the Treasure cards (money) you initially start with to buy more and more cards as the game progresses to build your own deck that you continually draw from in order to eventually buy Victory cards that give you points to win the game. It’s super easy to learn. After shuffling your deck and drawing the top 5 cards, “ABC” is all you need to know for every turn: A for Action phase in which you play an Action card and follow its instructions. B for Buy phase where you use the Treasure cards from your hand to buy cards from the ten stacks available. C for Cleanup phase where all the cards from your hand used or unused go into your discard pile and you draw 5 more cards. The game ends when three stacks have been depleted or the Province cards (highest victory point cards) run out.
I was hesitant to learn a new game when Jons texted me but it literally took two minutes to explain and then we were off. There’s tons of strategies to how you can win. The artwork is great and I like how the box is organized.
But the best thing about this game, at least for me, is the replay value. Dominion includes 25 kinds of different stacks you can choose from in order to make up the 10 stacks you need each game, so we played 3 rounds last night and it was a different experience every time. Once you get the hang of it, the turns go a lot faster and the more times you can play it, which makes me happy because I really, really like this game. I honestly can’t wait to play it again, so be prepared to have me over a lot, Jons!



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    Cannot get enough of tabletop games! Would love for you to check out what we are doing at VOID!

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