Tasty Tuesday: Anticipating Spring Recipe Round-up

Yesterday, I did a post about how fed up with winter everyone is, from the polar vortex in the US to the deep freeze warnings in Canada, we’re so happy March is here and spring is just around the corner. The season may mean a change in wardrobe but I also see it as a change in menu. We can stop obsessing about all things warm in an attempt to ward off the cold, like soups and stews. Spring recipes bring in mind vibrant veggies, fresh flavors and lighter dishes, the better to prepare us for bathing suit season.

1. Spring chicken in a pot: I love the idea of taking a casserole and making it lighter. It’ll still keep you warm during the last days of winter but it tastes undeniably like spring.
2. I love quiches and can’t wait to try this one which combines two of my favorite veggies, asparagus and leek:
3. Instead of a just a salad or just pasta, why not combine the two to make the perfect thing to kick off spring?
4. Forget hot chocolate! This drink will make you feel like it’s patio season already and isn’t it all about visualization anyways?
5. Of course I have to include cupcakes and these are perfect for spring and Easter, two birds with one stone!
Get it? Since they’re nests? Well, I crack myself up and that’s what’s important. Hopefully these recipes can cure you of the winter blues. Hang in there, springtime shall be upon us soon!


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