Tabletop Thursday: “Love Letter” Card Game Review

While looking back on my tabletop review posts, I realized to my surprise that I actually haven’t yet reviewed one of my favorite go-to card games ever: Love Letter. If you’re looking for a super quick 2 to 4 player game that’s easy to learn but still really fun, then you should definitely give this a try. Another bonus is that it’s definitely not as expensive as other board or card games out there.
Love Letter
I’ve encountered two editions of this game, the Tempest Edition, which is part of a series of interconnected games, and the Kanai Factory Edition, which has the art of the original game that was published in Japan. The art is very different between the two of them and I don’t necessarily prefer one over the other. I’ve played both versions and aside from the art and the names of some of the character cards, they’re pretty much the same. Although I have to say that I know nothing about the Tempest series, just that Love Letter is now a part of it.
The premise of the game is that you want to gain the princess’ or prince’s favor by being the last person remaining out of all the players so your “love letter” can be delivered and you can earn one of the tokens of affection (the little square cubes). Aww, how cute. First person to four tokens wins. Depending on how much time you want to spend playing the game, you can easily adjust this number lower or higher. Now while there is player elimination in this game, each round goes really quick so you’re not out of the game for too long before you can attempt to win again. So even though I normally don’t like games where players get eliminated, I’m ok with this one.
How do you play? That’s the fun part, it’s super easy. The deck only contains 16 cards that each have different effects or consequences on them. You shuffle the deck and place it in the middle. Each player gets one card. Then one player starts by taking one other card on the deck and placing it in his or her hand. That player must discard one of their cards, applying the effect described on it. Discarded cards must be face up so that everybody can know which cards have been played. And then everybody has their turn, depending on what cards are played, players will be eliminated one by one, until only one is left. After the first round, you’ll get the hang of it and every time you wanna play something quick, this’ll be your go-to game as well. You’re welcome. Happy Thursday!


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