Tasty Tuesday: Restaurant Review “Pisco”

Since I’m not going to spend my birthday with the boyfriend, we’re celebrating early with a nice dinner at one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Toronto, Pisco. Ever since it opened up a few blocks from my apartment last summer, I have been a couple of times and I gotta say that Peruvian cuisine is absolutely incredible. If you’ve never tried it before, I highly recommend it. It’s upscale but the prices are worth it. The restaurant is named after the grape brandy Peru is known for and boy does it know how to use it. They have the most amazing cocktails, my favorite of which has to be the Pisco Sour (pictured right). It’s perfectly balanced and so refreshing. My boyfriend also loves the non-alcoholic chicha morada (on the left), made from purple corn.
I would go here for the drinks alone, but the food is equally impressive. They always serve bread with this amazing spicy spread made from aji amarillo. I’m normally not too fond of spicy foods, but I’d use this sauce on anything.
They change up their menu seasonally. In the summer when they opened, they had lighter fare like this amazing pickerel with quinoa:
Their appetizers include Peru’s famous ceviche (right) made with fresh fish in lime juice, complimented with corn and sweet potato. They also know exactly how to make octopus (left) super tender and flavorful.
For winter, they have this amazing seafood stew, made with white wine and tomato broth. It’s deceptively light but filled me up:
My boyfriend ordered this amazing dish though that I could not stop eating, which included spaghetti in a pesto sauce that has Peruvian chilies with a perfectly cooked filet.
They also have the Peruvian classic, lomo saltado, which I don’t have a picture of since every time it’s ordered, it’s eaten too fast. I also tried their Jalea last summer and hope they bring it back this year. Seriously, just talking about this place makes my mouth water. I can’t wait until I go again and I’m also already planning for a trip to Peru. Thanks to Pisco, it’s now my top “must visit” place. Hopefully this review has inspired you to try Peruvian food, more specifically this restaurant. It’s truly one of the most underrated, best cuisines out there.


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