ARROW Withdrawal Post: Spotlight on Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke

This week, Arrow is not airing, which makes me sad, especially since I’m leaving for the Philippines this Sunday and I’m not sure if they’re airing the show’s new season over there. Hopefully I can get to watch it since the episodes I’m most excited for are yet to come. I’ve already posted about the kickass ladies on the show. But for now, to satisfy my Arrow craving this week, I want to talk about one particular character on the show that’s getting a lot of screen time.
Slade Wilson has been present on the show since Season 1, but this is the season he becomes Deathstroke. His transformation has been amazing so far. For those of you who don’t know the character in the comics, here’s a little history on one of my favorite villains. Deathstroke the Terminator was created by George Perez and Marv Wolfman as a Teen Titans villain. He first appeared in The New Teen Titans vol. 1 #2 in 1980. Actually, my boyfriend owns a copy of this issue signed by George himself:
Right from the start, you can tell that he’s a major badass, you know being an assassin/mercenary and all. He went after the Teen Titans in order to complete the contract to kill or capture them that his son Grant, the first Ravager, failed to do. Slade wears an eyepatch because his wife tried to kill him after their second son Joseph, who would later join the Titans as Jericho, was taken hostage by one of Slade’s enemies. His powers include almost superhuman reflexes, speed, agility and stamina as well as a regenerative healing factor.
In Arrow, Slade, played by the wonderful Manu Bennett, gets super strength and healing from the “Mirakuru” serum, created by the Japanese during WWII. They also make Slade a more compassionate person at first. He falls in love with Shado and her death is the reason for his hatred and promise of revenge towards Oliver. In the comics, I don’t believe love has ever been behind any of Deathstroke’s actions. He has romantic relationships but they’re usually pretty messed up, like when he got with Terra, who was fifteen years old. Awkward…Moving on, while I love his costume in the comics, I think they did a wonderful job in the show. It definitely fits the world better and is based on the one from the video game, Batman: Arkham Origins.
He’s pretty cold and manipulative but very fun to read, I must say. I highly recommend a classic, “The Judas Contract”, if you’re interested in reading some Slade.
I personally love Deathstroke because he sired one of my absolute favorite comic book characters, Rose Wilson, the second Ravager. I can only hope that one day, she gets to make an appearance somewhere.
Hopefully your appetite for everything Slade has been slightly satisfied. I shall be desperately trying to watch the next few Arrow episodes while I’m on the other side of the world. Happy New Comic Book Day!


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