Tabletop Thursday: “Kill Shakespeare” Kickstarter

Don’t you just love alliteration? If you haven’t heard of Kill Shakespeare yet, then listen up one and all for a tale unlike any other. It’s a Canadian comic book series written by Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery and illustrated by Andy Belanger. The series takes Shakespeare’s characters, puts them in the same world and lets all hell break loose. It’s epic fun. And yes, my boyfriend does work with them, but this is not a shameless plug because I’ve read the books and have been a fan before he started getting involved. So ha. If you like Shakespeare or even if you don’t but still like a good action-adventure-romance tale, then give Kill Shakespeare a read. It currently has three graphic novels out and it just announced another mini-series slated for June.
Anyways, what I really want to talk about is their upcoming board game! Yes, indeed, comic books are now inspiring board games. IDW Games is adapting Kill Shakespeare into a board game and I could not be more excited. They’ve tapped the creators behind “Yedo”, an amazing worker-placement board game, as the game’s designers so you know it’s going to be awesome. From what I’ve gathered, Kill Shakespeare the board game will obviously be a worker-placement game like “The Lords of Waterdeep” but also semi-cooperative, kind of like “Pandemic”. And I say semi-cooperative because while you do have to work together for the game not to beat you, there will be a clear winner in the end, which I’m all for since I love to win.
The Kickstarter has been live for awhile and so far I’m liking everything I’m seeing. The art looks gorgeous. Yes, the review videos are a bit long but worth a watch if you really want all the details on this game. If you don’t have time to watch the video though, as a semi-experienced tabletop gamer, trust me when I say that this game is going to be epic. I mean come on, people, you get to play as either Hamlet, Othello, Juliet, Viola or Falstaff (FALSTAFF!) in order to rid the kingdom of Richard III, Lady Macbeth & Iago! I’d get it just for the premise alone. The campaign ends appropriately on the Ides of March, so this Saturday. While it’s already funded, there are still stretch goals to be reached and I really want to get the custom meeples for reasons:
What are you waiting for?! Pledge, pledge, pledge!


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