Happy Tea-sday! DAVIDsTEA Review: Spring 2014 Collection

Now I may be currently in the Philippines, but I wrote this before I left so you can learn more about something I discovered last week: the amazing new Spring collection by David’s Tea! I’m not quite sure what temperature it is over there as you’re reading this but what makes this collection great is that the teas can be both hot or iced.

Take my favorite one from the collection for example:
I had it hot but I could tell that it’s very reminiscent of their other tea, Blueberry Jam, which is amazing iced. It’s a black tea, so I’m already partial to it, but add in the mango and the pomegranate and bam! Goodbye winter and bonjour spring.

My boyfriend really likes this next one, another black tea:
I tried this and thought it would taste better iced but Keith had it warm and liked it. It’s so refreshing and actually tastes “cool” even when it’s warm. There’s a minty quality to it that’s balanced with cucumber obviously but also honeydew melon. If you’re looking for something to flavor your water this summer, then stock up on this.

I haven’t gotten around to trying the others in the collection, but I’ve heard great things. They also came out with new spring accessories with a very “Under the Sea” theme that I’m in love with. I could not resist getting this whale mug that changes colors! Isn’t it adorable?!
One minute the whales are chillin’, just hanging out, all dark blue…
but once you add hot water, they turn into belugas (with two that become light blue)!
Be sure to check the collection out and happy Tuesday!


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