All Things Super

I have landed safely in the Philippines and as per usual, I’m currently fighting jet lag this first week. I’m still on Toronto time so when it’s noon here, my body thinks it’s midnight and time to sleep. Sigh. But I have to soldier on so I can enjoy my amazing vacation. Not to make you all jealous or anything but it is 32 degrees Celsius here. Ha. Ha. Alright enough gloating, time for my nerdy Wednesday post and since I’m super tired, here are all the “super” things I’ve discovered from the past few days:

Black Milk Clothing, which recently launched a Game of Thrones collection, has announced that they’re coming out with another nerdy offering, the Heroes Ammo collection! Look how pretty:
And I actually need this Wonder Woman bathing suit:
If I fall desperately in love with my Game of Thrones orders, then I’ll look into this collection. This might be a dangerous obsession to have though…

Arrow‘s Suicide Squad episode is airing tonight in Canada and the US but it’s already Thursday for me and I still don’t know if and when I can catch it over here. Oh well, enjoy it for me!
And last but not least Happy New Comic Book Day, here’s a fun Superman video:


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