The Stanley Cup Playoffs & The Fashion They Inspire

Jumping right back in the swing of things with my first Monday fashion post since I got back and it combines all of my favorite things: hockey, the Habs, fandom and fashion. For those of you who are not aware and I don’t know how you could miss it if you follow me on Twitter, I am a gigantic Montreal Canadiens fan and this year, not only are they the only Canadian team to make it to the Stanley Cup playoffs but they have swept the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round, so you know, no big deal. Anyways, here are a few pieces that remind me of the playoffs but that are still just great spring additions to your wardrobe regardless of whether you like hockey or not.

1. The Canadiens also known as the Habs may have swept the Lightning but they were still a formidable opponent and my heart was in my throat for every game so to salute them, here are some cute earrings:

2. Speaking of the Habs, they’re also known as Bleu Blanc Rouge (Blue White Red) and this dress from the new Zooey Deschanel for Tommy Hilfiger collection is a more stylish option than a jersey to cheer on my team:

3. The Hockey Sweater is a beloved children’s book featuring the Habs and I found this sweater that can also be worn once the season’s over:

4. The Stanley Cup is the championship trophy to end all championship trophies. The Habs have won it a record 24 times and are the last Canadian team to do so. We are currently gunning to lift it up for the 25th time this year. Oh to be able to bring that sweet silver back to Montreal…for now, I’ll settle for this silver dress:

I am so excited (but also super anxious to face the Bruins AGAIN) for Round 2 of the NHL playoffs and the fact that I’m back in Canada to cheer my Canadiens on. GO HABS GO!


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