Adventures in Comic Book Hunting: Manila, Philippines

Just because I was on vacation didn’t mean I would neglect my nerdy obsessions. I actually got to watch Divergent and Captain America: The Winter Soldier a week earlier than my friends back in North America. And because movie tickets are so cheap, I may have watched the latter more than once. While I was looking forward to watching lots of movies, I didn’t think I’d find one of the coolest comic book shops I’ve ever seen.

Let me set the scene: my sister and her boyfriend, knowing how much of a comic book aficionado my boyfriend and I are, told me that they’d take me to the Fully Booked, which is like Barnes & Noble or Chapters Indigo, at Bonifacio Global City, an outdoor mall of sorts. I didn’t need any excuse to visit a bookstore. I practically lived in them when I was still in the Philippines. My dad would always indulge my book obsession. But I had never seen a bookstore as awesome as this one. First of all, it’s huge! It has four floors with a Starbucks, plenty of chairs, a big kids section and of course the comic book store. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted with this sight:
After seeing that floor to ceiling mural made with books, I was already sufficiently impressed but when I got to the fourth floor, my jaw dropped. I was seriously not expecting the following:
When they said there would be comics here, I thought a few shelves that had some graphic novels but this setup is seriously amazing. There are so many back issues, it would take hours to dig through all of them.
Apparently the comic book shop is called Comic Odyssey. This particular branch is a comic shop within a bookstore, which I find so cool. They have other locations in other malls I think, which I definitely have to explore when I return.
After discovering this hidden jem, I told my boyfriend who immediately turned green with envy since his favorite thing is to hunt for issues he’s missing. But awesome girlfriend that I am, I told him to send me a list and I’d try to find them. The staff was super helpful. During my first hunt, I bought two wrong issues and they exchanged them with ones I needed, no problem. Out of everything on the list, funnily enough, I was able to find all of the “Sins of Youth” issues for a great price!
All in all, my comic book store experience at Comic Odyssey in Fully Booked, BGC, was awesome. I fully recommend paying it a visit, especially this upcoming Free Comic Book Day, which they invited me to. Unfortunately, I’m back in Toronto, but I’ll still be celebrating by going to my LCS, Paradise Comics. I hope everyone celebrates as well. Happy Wednesday!


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