Travel Thursdays: Punta Fuego, Batangas, Philippines

I don’t think “Travel Thursdays” is going to be a regular blog series here on Fashion, Food & the Fortress of Solitude, but I’m hopeful to get some more traveling done this year so we’ll see. For now, I want to talk about the resort I went to during my Philippine vacation. Normally, locals and tourists alike flock to the more popular beaches like Boracay and El Nido, Palawan but I wanted to avoid the perpetual crowds present in the former and the obligatory plane ride to the latter. I’m very picky like that. What I was looking for: a decent beach, meaning sand not stone, that didn’t have a lot of people. My stepmom and dad found Punta Fuego in Batangas, which is only a three-hour drive from Manila. I had never been so I was happy about how near it was but skeptical on the quality of the resort, the pool, the food and especially the beach. I’m happy to report that it exceeded my expectations by a lot. What can I say? It was love at first sight:
That was the view that greeted me from the lobby as we checked-in. We arrived during a weekday so the resort was pretty quiet with only a few guests milling around. The room was great: decent beds, good air-conditioning and a rainfall shower head. But what I really want to gush about is the double infinity pool! It is absolutely amazing. See for yourself:
There’s just something about infinity pools that instantly relaxes a person. You don’t even have to pretend like you’re swimming laps, you just have to take the view in while you cool off in the water.
One of the highlights of my stay has got to be watching the sunset from the infinity pool.
Alright, alright, enough about my undying love for the double infinity pool. Let’s talk about the beach. We had to take the car and drive to the beach, meaning it’s not right in front of room, which wasn’t really an issue. But in case you didn’t want to take your own car, the hotel does provide a shuttle. Now as I was saying, this beach is by far NOT considered to be among the best in the Philippines since let’s face it, the country is comprised of 7000 plus islands so the competition is pretty stiff. However, it will be impressive enough if you’ve ever been to beaches in Quebec or Ontario. I mean after going to Wasaga beach for the past 5 years, the Punta Fuego beach was paradise.
White sand and clear waters. What more can one ask for?
There are even cabanas along the beach that you can rent with hammocks and comfortable chairs and cushions, so that you can take shelter from the sun when you’re not swimming.
I took full advantage of our cabana to get some reading done and was visited by a caterpillar, giving a whole new meaning to the term “bookworm”.
The resort also has amazing food. I was never without a cold beverage and obviously the seafood is delicious.
All in all, I had the best time and it was all very reasonably priced and not too far from Manila. I highly recommend it to Filipinos wanting a quick getaway or visitors who want to avoid crowds and extra travel time. Punta Fuego, I shall definitely be seeing you again!


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