Mother’s Day 2014 Gift Guide Inspired By My Mom

Happy Monday! Mother’s Day is almost upon us and since I won’t be with my mom, I’m especially nostalgic and sentimental about it this year. Of course, I wanted to do a gift guide but this one is personally inspired by things my mom loves.
1. A candle that smells like Tuscany in spring would definitely fit well in my mom’s house.
2. Every time she comes to visit, she requests cupcakes and I bet any mom would love a box from Dlish.
3. My mom loves to entertain and this pastel serving bowl is perfect for spring get-togethers.
4. I’m not sure if it’s just my mom who seems like she has everything and anything in her handbag but if your mom likes to carry a lot too, then this tote definitely has the space to fit it all.
5. If there’s one thing I know about my mom is that she can’t function without her morning coffee and this travel mug means she can drink it on her way to work.
6. Aside from coffee, my mom likes tea as well. David’s Tea has released adorable limited edition tea sets for Mother’s Day and this Chai set would still give my mom her caffeine fix.


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