Trailer Thursday: GOTHAM, Maleficent & X-Men Days of Future Past

I found myself lacking inspiration for today’s post so I’ve decided to compile some of my favorite trailers from this week and talk about them.

First up, a trailer has been released for Fox’s new show Gotham about, you guessed it, Gotham City and its residents. Here it is, followed by my first impressions:

When it was first announced, I was all for it. As a big fan of Arrow, I couldn’t wait for more DC properties to come to life on-screen. But then they cast that guy from The OC, a show I’ve never watched so I can’t really comment on it or him. I’m sure he’s a great actor and all but he just looks too fresh-faced. And I know this is starring a young Jim Gordon but how old is he supposed to be compared to Bruce Wayne? Maybe I just miss the Jim Gordon we all know and love. Anyways, I’m still hopeful about this show since it’s gonna have Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Plus it’s created by Bruno Heller who made two of my favorite shows, Rome and The Mentalist.

The second video I want to discuss isn’t really a trailer but more of a behind-the-scenes look at the Maleficent movie that’s coming out later this month.

The fact that both Angelina Jolie and the screenwriter loves the character so much is reassuring to me. I’m still worried about where exactly this movie’s going to go plot-wise but I think just watching Jolie’s performance will be worth seeing. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a Return to Oz fiasco.

And I’ve saved the best for last which is the I wanna say final X-Men Days of Future Past trailer. It reveals more of the plot and just made me wish for opening day to come sooner:

This movie might just be the best superhero movie of the year. I know my expectations are high but I can’t help myself. The cast is stacked. The premise is solid. I just read the issues that the movie is based on and it’s a really great story. Basically, I cannot wait. Oh and for those of you who didn’t go see The Amazing Spider-Man 2, this played after the credits:

Just Mystique being a bad-ass. NBD. And in case you’re wondering why the after-credits scene is promoting a movie from a different studio than the one who owns Spider-Man, it’s ’cause Marc Webb was allowed to direct the Spidey movie only if they agree to promote X-Men. It’s that kind of inter-studio relations that make me hopeful for future cross-overs. Happy Thursday!


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