Tasty Tuesday: Summer 2014 Recipe Round-Up

When the weather starts to get warm, I start to crave food that undoubtedly evoke summer. I’ll always remember the family dinners we had when I still lived at home. We would spend the day swimming in the pool then BBQ every night and eat outside on our patio. Drawing from those memories, here are some recipes that I look forward to trying this season, even if I need to sneak into someone’s backyard to use their outdoor grill.


Steak is one of the best things ever and flank was the cut my family used the most. This recipe comes as close to the one my then-stepdad used to make.

My favorite way to cook shrimp is on the grill. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s so good. I’d love to try this Vietnamese-inspired recipe from Martha Stewart.

Ratatouille translated is summer in a bowl. Not really, but you get the idea. This recipe combines all of my favorite vegetables that are extra fresh during the summertime.

Ever since I saw this video on Sorted, I knew that I wanted to try Piri-piri chicken. And what better time than this summer since this recipe is “perfect for the BBQ”?

I can’t tell you how many strawberry shortcakes I’ve made every summer growing up, but at least once a week, my family would request them and it fell to me, the family baker, to make them. The recipe I’ve been using is still at my mom’s house but after a little research, I found this one that is pretty similar.

Happy Tuesday and happy eating!


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