Father’s Day 2014 Gift Guide

In case you don’t own a calendar or haven’t looked it up on Google, this Sunday, June 15th, is Father’s Day. My dad lives in the Philippines so I can’t exactly spend it with him in person but luckily I visited him a few months ago. For those of you lucky enough to be able to see your dad on Father’s Day, here a few gift suggestions:

1. When my dad came to Toronto for my graduation, I took him to a Jays game and he loved it. It remains one of my fondest memories.

2. I’ve heard only good things about this bestseller.

3. One can never go wrong with a nice tie in a fun color.

4. My boyfriend’s dad loves this movie and so will you.

5. Who doesn’t love beer? If your dad doesn’t, there’s always his favorite bottle of (insert liquor here).

6. An overnight bag so he can come visit you more often.

Happy Thursday and if you live in Ontario, don’t forget to vote!


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