2014 World Cup & The Fashion It Inspires

This past weekend, despite actually being sick, I came down with another kind of fever: World Cup Fever. Now let me preface this post by saying that normally I don’t watch soccer. I prefer hockey, football and baseball. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that ties can happen and all the diving irritates the hell out of me but I wanted to find out what the fuss is all about since it is after all “the world’s most popular sport”. Needless to say after watching the first few games of the 2014 World Cup, I fully understood the appeal. To showcase my new obsession, here’s some fashion inspired by the beautiful game:
1. Wear this with leggings to cheer on your team in comfort (red, white and blue can apply to a lot of countries).
2. In case you weren’t aware of the fact that Brasil is hosting the World Cup this year, let this remind you.
3. This top reminded me of the host country’s beautiful colors.
4. Kate Spade did a Rio de Janeiro collection that included this bangle.
5. A bit on the nose but I couldn’t help but include this clutch.

Happy Monday and hope you enjoy this week’s World Cup action!


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