Tasty Tuesday: Cold & Cough Culinary Remedies

While still on the road to recovery from the worst bout of the flu I’ve had in recent memory, I started thinking about my go-to home remedies. My mom swears by the water treatment where you basically drink as many glasses of water as you can in a day. My dad prefers ginger tea. Here are a few of mine:

DAVID’s TEA Licorice Twist
Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 8.27.05 PM
This tea has been very effective in soothing my sore throat. It’s just like David’s Tea decided to put every single ingredient that’s good to combat your cold in this blend: ginger, peppermint, chilli, cinnamon…they’re all here. I don’t normally like licorice but after the first few sips, I’m just grateful my throat doesn’t feel like sandpaper anymore.

Thai Lemongrass Soup
Whenever I’m sick, I’d always get Hot and Sour soup from my local Chinese restaurant, but it was too irritating for sensitive throat this time around. Luckily, this soup is a great substitute that has lemongrass, which has therapeutical properties.

Chicken Noodle Soup
Don’t mess with a classic. There’s just something about this soup that makes you instantly feel better. It may actually have health benefits or it may just be a placebo effect, but one thing’s for sure, it definitely helps. Using this recipe with a roast chicken from the grocery would save you time.

DAVID’s TEA Redberry Tonic
Screen shot 2014-06-16 at 10.54.47 PM
I drink this tea iced to recover faster. It has goji and sea buckthorn berries as well as my new best friend, lemongrass. Perfect energy booster for this summer!

Hopefully none of you get sick this season but if ever, there are lots of ways to feel better. Happy Tuesday!


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