It Happened This Week…

Seeing as I can never decide on what to write about every Thursday, I want to start a new series that encapsulates all the things I deem newsworthy that happened this past week in one convenient blog post. It’ll mostly be about stuff concerning the 3 Fs: fashion, food and fandom. Without further ado, let’s get started on this week:

…In Toronto:
Restaurants participating in Summerlicious 2014 are officially accepting reservations! If you live in Toronto or are planning to visit between July 4-20, then don’t miss out on the amazing deals at some of the best places in the city. If you need help in narrowing down your list, check blogTO and Toronto Life. I’m currently working on bringing my long list down to like five…

…In the UK:
Watch the UK trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy and get excited (if you aren’t already)!

…In Brazil:
In World Cup news, Holland, the team I’m supporting because of reasons, won again and will go through to the next round but may or may not face Brazil. Also defending World Champions Spain as well as hopeful prospects Australia and Cameroon have been eliminated yesterday. Today’s matches: Colombia v. Côte d’Ivoire 12 pm; Uruguay v. England 3 pm; Japan v. Greece 6 pm.

…In Gotham:
A new 30-second teaser about the villains of Gotham

Happy Thursday!


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